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How to register for summer camp for 7-17 year olds

Please note that you will need to pay the full invoice amount by Interac transfer, check or cash.

Please note that groups are by age and may or may not be mixed depending on the number of registrations. However, you can request room and group sharing in the mandatory form to be completed.

We are going green, saving time and paper. All forms to be completed will now be done via the platform at the time of registration.


  • Are electronic devices allowed (cell phone, tablet, etc.)?
  • Unfortunately no, all electronic devices are prohibited in order to fully enjoy the activities and bond with other campers and instructors.

  • Is it possible to visit my child?
  • Yes, for stays of 2 weeks or more, on Sundays only, to ensure that your child is not in a period of outdoor activity when you arrive. Please let us know.

  • My child is nostalgic and bored of home, what should I do?
  • When your child leaves home for the first time, it's normal for them to feel a little nostalgic. Rest assured, the animators are used to such situations and they know the best methods to facilitate their integration

    You can help your child by inviting him to communicate well with his animator. He will listen to any situation that could worry your child. Avoid promising him that he can return home if he feels nostalgic, very often, a simple little effort on his part and the help of his host will be enough for him to make the most of his stay.
    You can also slip a few letters into his luggage or send him your precious messages by email at with your child's name as the subject (do not attach documents or attachments please) or by fax to 819-425-7121. Your child will be very happy to receive mail during his stay. He will also be able to write to you during this period, we will be able to scan or post his letter (please provide addressed and pre-stamped envelopes if you wish to receive them by post). It is important to note that your child will not be able to answer by email himself since the use of electronic devices is prohibited.

  • Is it possible to buy a souvenir item from the Base de Plein Air?
  • Certainly! We have several items available (T-shirt, cap, tuque, hoodie, etc.), which will remind your child of their fabulous stay. You can leave some pocket money for your child, which he must however give to the reception table or to the person in charge of the bus in an envelope clearly marked with his name with the amount in the envelope. The money will be kept safe in the office safe. It is also possible to pay the costs of items on arrival or departure, in cash, credit or debit card. The items will soon appear on our site, keep an eye out!

  • Is there laundry service?
  • Absolutely! A laundry service is offered for campers staying longer than a week. The washing is done on site, on Sunday and Monday. See parent guide for pricing.

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    3595 rue Léonard, Mont-Tremblant (Québec), Canada J8E 2A5

    Cell. : 819 425-2461

    Free of charge : 1 866 360 3358

    Write to your child

    Cancellation policy

    Cancellation and refund : The consumer can end a camp registration at any time. He will have to pay a penalty only if the child has started attending the camp. Whether you concluded the contract in person, over the phone or online, the rules are the same.

    Cancellation before the start of camp : The consumer can cancel the contract before the start of the camp. As the services have not started to be provided, the cancellation does not entail any costs or penalties except for the administrative fee of $25 + taxes ($28,74), one administrative fee per child.

    Cancellation during the camp: The consumer can cancel the contract during the stay. In this case, he will have to pay the cost of the services already received, i.e. the amount provided for the days when the child attended the camp. Only the administrative fee of $25 + taxes ($28,74) is non-refundable

    The Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant can cancel a stay , a program, an optional activity and the transport service, if the number of registrations is insufficient or in the event of force majeure - Covid-19 health measures.